Our Services

Legislative Coverage

  • Legislative bill track custom to your organization or business concern
  • Designated legislative briefings- weekly, monthly or set to client schedule
  • Bill coverage on issues of concerns and germane corollary bills
  • Coordinated meetings with elected leaders and bill authors

Strategic Communications

  • Providing education to legislators and policy makers
  • Introductions to further illustrate program capabilities and outcomes to executive branch leaders, state elected officials and key lawmakers with a goal of creating supportive policies
  • Providing strategy to propose policies that will assist client’s interests and services provided

Coalition Building

  • Providing a platform for organizations can dialogue and effectively design strategies to address policies that affect the coalition as a whole

Third Party Validation

  • Pre-presenting research findings on industry concepts to further strengthen policy goals
  • Assist in forming new insight on addressing developing issues and concerns.

Grassroots Organizing

  • Building power through a collective voice by involving a constituency that identifies that they have a shared interest through their existing problems.
    • Sending action alerts on pending legislation

Policy and Research

  • Work to research similarly situated metropolitan communities and other states to propose concepts that will add value to the discussion surrounding your concern
  • Common research topics areas and potential services:
    • Health
    • Economic Development
    • Housing
    • Education
    • Supportive Grant Identification

Who We Are

Crossroads Public Affairs, LLC a is public affairs group that provides a host of services to address your company, agency, or organization’s governmental needs. Our public affairs professionals focus on state and local policies as well as provide representation with government agencies.

What We Do

Crossroads Public Affairs provides legislative coverage with Indiana General Assembly and local coverage with the Marion County City County Council.  Our professionals provide strategic communication to educate policy makers on issues of concern. Our group has the capacity to provide research to further illuminate policy issues that are under review.  In addition to providing research, our professionals can beta test findings amongst the community as a third-party validation tool.  Our public affairs group strives to seek collaborative approaches to solve policy matters with state and local leaders.  A common practice that we utilize in creating a collaborative solution is grassroots organizing with community organizations and coalition building alongside community leaders to arrive at a more collective approach to advocacy. 

Our Team

Tim Brown, JD, MPA

Managing Principal

Tim Brown, J.D., MPA is the Managing Principal at Crossroads Public Affairs where he brings 18 years of state house advocacy, public policy and coalition building to effectively lead organizational agendas through the legislative process.  He has served as a state agency legislative director under four different Governors and advocated for policies to make Central Indiana more attractive and inclusive on behalf of the business community. While working for the Indy Chamber he has gained policy experience in advocacy by lobbying for several areas such as education, workforce, public safety, reentry, economic development, transit, infrastructure, housing, veterans, homelessness, environment and health.  He worked to support the Chamber’s Diversity, Equity and Inclusions (DEI) efforts by developing internal programming.  Tim also assisted to promote DEI policy related concepts amongst membership organizations and in general assembly.

Tim earned his Juris Doctorate from Indiana University McKinney School of Law and his MPA from the O’Neill School of Public and Environmental Affairs.  He has experience working for state agencies and working with local municipalities.  Tim has a bipartisan approach towards arriving at solutions in public policy and centers his strengths on being collaborative while working through concerns and socializing themes amongst interested parties.

Tim currently serves as the Vice President of Government Affairs Society of Indiana (GASI). He also remains active in the community with his service on boards such as Recycle Force, CHIP, Ben Davis Cadet Football Association and Project Azul, Indy Gateway and Wayne Baseball Club.

Marshawn Wolley, MBA, MPA


Marshawn Wolley, MBA, MPA is a Principal at Crossroads Public Affairs where he specializes in strategic communications, grassroots engagement, public education, and policy research. Trained as a stratification economist, Marshawn is also a certified diversity executive, certified fund-raising executive, a certified community development block grant administrator and a Six Sigma Green Belt.

He holds an MBA from the IU Kelley School of Business and an MPA from the O’Neill School of Public and Environmental Affairs. He has a Master’s degree in Philanthropic Studies from the Lilly School of Philanthropy and an MS in Economics from IUPUI. Before launching Crossroads Public Affairs, Marshawn worked in government as an appointed official in Mayor Bart Peterson’s administration, in the private sector in both fundraising as well as community outreach, MWBE development and compliance as well as a lecturer where he taught courses on public management and managing workforce diversity, community development and criminal justice and diversity issues at the O’Neil School of Public and Environmental Affairs at IUPUI.

Recognized as a thought leader on public policy and diversity, equity and inclusion, he has a a monthly column in the IBJ Forefront. He is also a contributor op-ed writer for the IndyStar and Indianapolis Recorder.

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Marshawn Wolley, MBA, MPA